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2022 Taylor Football LAUNCH Day is Aug 3!

Remember the awesomeness of watching rocket launches in the 60s-70s?

It was a symbol of national pride...

We're on the launch pad now...

Our boys have been preparing and pumping and sweating and running all summer...

and GO time is almost here!

The countdown has started... engines are revving...

Soon our guys will be jolted into the season, pulling G's and working harder than they ever imagined...

All with one goal in mind: to glorify God through the playing of football.

We try to make EVERYTHING a party here at TUFF (Taylor University Football Family).... so be prepared!

On Aug 3 please arrive on campus in the morning.

New players: Check-in is from 10:30 - 11:30am in the Boren Center (the big building near the TAYLOR sign with the Chapel/Chick-Fil-A, etc.) we'll try to obtain any missing communication info from you. Soon thereafter you'll be getting your temporary room assignment and move your son's things in...

Returning players: Check in is from 11:30am-12:30pm in the Boren Center You'll get your sons moved into their temporary dorms in the morning.

ALL: Lunch is on your own - so allow some travel time to and fro... Be intentional with your son - ask good questions and listen!

The festivities continue at 2pm. Players will be with their coaches starting then... (you probably don't want to make your sons late...!)

Parents Schedule:

2pm We will meet in the Chapel... Several speakers will address the parents about various aspects of life on campus, TUFF will be explained and... we'll also get to hear from Coach Mingo!

4pm We will split into groups and pray together

4:15ish We will go in our groups on an impromptu campus tour - we'll intermingle upperclassmen parents with freshmen parents so that you can meet others as well as ask questions

5:30 We will gather at the Boren Center Dining Commons for a GIANT POTLUCK DINNER 6:30 Parents say their last goodbyes and say a prayer as the players have to jump into meetings and really get going on the 2022 Season

6:35 Parents depart campus - Moms (Dads too!) have your Kleenex if you need it handy... know yourself!

Details on the potluck dinner will be coming in the next few days... we hope you'll be able to participate, and as it is our LAUNCH PARTY for the season, let's make it a blast!

We look forward to meeting you all - especially our Freshmen and new Transfer Players and their parents!


Scott (& Sonia) Griswold TUFF Leaders

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