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This from Ashley & Aaron Mingo:

Our family has been greatly encouraged by the out-pouring of love you all have shown us. When we found out that our family was going to be growing, we never would have dreamed of the level of support that we would receive. Many tears have been shed, and our hearts encouraged as packages showed up on our doorstep day after day. We have never experienced anything like this and are humbled by your graciousness and blessings. THANK YOU! We love your sons and are so honored to be serving them. This baby girl is an answer to prayer, and so is the way that the Lord has used all of you as agents of provision. We cannot express enough what this has meant to us, so we simply say thank you… and we praise God for bringing us to Taylor.

Ashley & Aaron Mingo

As a TUFF group, we also share their final sentiments... we too THANK GOD that He sent them to Taylor!

Way to go TUFF! Way to bless the Mingo's!

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