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An Exciting Year Ahead!

TUFF shared Christmas gifts with the coaching staff in mid-December. Thank you for your generosity!

-by Barry & Lori Bolin

A pastor we once knew transitioned every year from Thanksgiving to Christmas and Christmas to New Year by saying “We now move from a season of Thanksgiving to an even greater season of Thanksgiving.” This simple annual tradition took deep root in our hearts. The concept of “progressive thanksgiving” – the intentional act of being more and more thankful (continually) for how God is working in our family’s life has blessed us beyond words.

So now as TUFF moves into 2019 – we can’t help but be more and more thankful for each family, each coach and each player who make up the community of Taylor Football. We are collectively blessed that God is at work on many fronts! Will you join us in prayer over these exciting and important activities:

  • Graduating players are preparing for their “next steps” (job interviews, grad school, seminary, etc.) and Taylor Football Families can help them by expanding their network of contacts! (Click here for more details on how YOU can help.)

  • Coach Korfmacher is interviewing candidates for open coaching positions and considering how God would form that team in new and exciting ways

  • The 2019 Football Team is launching its January Term (“J-Term”) workout schedule with renewed commitment and energy for the season ahead

  • New 2019 incoming seniors and upperclassmen are stepping into their leadership roles and establishing healthy accountabilities and expectations

  • Plans are forming for the 2019 Summer Workout Season! To support our 2019 Team, TUFF and members of the Taylor administration and staff are partnering together to identify potential summer jobs and internship opportunities for Taylor Football players remaining on campus this Summer.

  • Recruiting of the incoming freshmen class is underway with several exciting commitments already secured – please be praying for God’s blessings and wisdom as families and players consider a future at Taylor University!

Thank you for your prayers – and for your support of Taylor University Football!

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