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Are you ready for some FB?

We're merely hours away from Friday (May 6) night's BIG Taylor FB Spring Party! Now we may have a bit of Mother Nature to deal with, so bring your umbrellas and ponchos, but after all, it IS Mother's Day Weekend, so she can do what she wants! Football is still ON!

And thankfully, our 5-6pm meal is inside at the KSAC (so keep those desserts and sides coming!)...

FYI, Coach has added a Parents' Panel in the chapel from 4-5pm where a few of our veteran parents will be answering questions of the incoming and prospective parents - so that's inside too...

So you prayer warriors... let's see if we can focus on Friday night and let the rain hold off at the selected times to make this a grand and enjoyable event... and if we all get a little wet, well, either way.... let's be TUFF!

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