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BSN "Gear" - here's how...

Can you imagine the amount of force/thrust it takes to launch a rocket... just to get it off the ground would be a lot, then to propel it past the Earth's gravitational forces? That's some kind of intentional force.

Heck it took a lot for me to push past gravity to get out of bed this morning!

But you guys did it with a flare! We had a successful LAUNCH DAY for Taylor Football, fueled primarily by a lot of Moms and Dads who adore their kids, and also by a fair amount of hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, sides and desserts! And now we've propelled them into training camp... blink twice and we'll be in the stands cheering them on!

But you want to look good/be in style as you do so...

If you are interested in getting Taylor bling, gear or whatever hip phrase you want to use for apparel that says "Taylor Football" - just click the button below and it should take you directly to that site. IT CLOSES ON AUGUST 7... SO BE MINDFUL, YOU ONLY HAVE 4 MORE DAYS!

Love you all dearly! See you soon!

Scott (& Sonia) Griswold

TUFF Coordinators

PS Sonia's Mom's hip replacement surgery went perfectly! (It was performed by our son's HS teammate and best friend's Dad - so she was doubly blessed!)

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