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Coach Korfmacher Addresses Parents: August 13, 2018

At the TUFF Gathering on the first day of Training Camp, Coach Korfmacher addressed the parents and grandparents to share a few thoughts and details on the 2018 season. Click on the video for an edited version of his comments and review key dates/info below.

Key August/September Dates:

  • Thursday, August 23rd, 7:00 pm - Intersquad Scrimmage (During practice)

  • Saturday, September 8th - Family Passes (for Home Games ONLY) will be available at "Will Call" for all player parents. All away games will require purchasing of tickets at the opposing team venue (or online if offered).

  • Saturday, September 15th - First "Travel Roster"Game (60-man roster).Travel Roster is typically known by Tuesday, but can change based on the health of each unit.

  • Saturday, September 22nd - Bye-Week - players will have a practice or a lift on Friday late afternoon and may have some responsibilities Saturday. As the team gets closer to this date, player availability/schedule will be more clear.

Note: Coach Korfmacher has asked parents to avoid asking players to assist with logistics (e.g., Family Passes, IWU tickets, etc.). Use the TUFF FaceBook page and this website to help receive information. Thank you! 

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