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It is hard to believe that we are already deep into February. Our focus this off-season has been “Growth”. This is something that ALL programs desire to have happen, but not all find great success in actually doing so. In order for us to maximize growth this spring, we have developed growth plans. Each player has identified a “desired outcome” in 4 categories (Spiritual, Academic, Football, Strength). For each desired outcome, there are 2 disciplines that each guy is committing to. Creating and sustaining disciplines in life are vital to close the gap on our potential and give us the best chance for successfully achieving desired outcomes. It has been exciting to see and hear about the progress the guys are making!

I imagine most of you sense the momentum that we are experiencing inside the program. There are a lot of factors for this, but one of those factors I want to highlight is the amount of support we are receiving from our administration. An example of that is the new athletics weight room. The weight room has gone from being a sore spot in the program to a new asset that betters the overall experience for our players and aids us in our recruiting efforts. By now, you also may have heard that we are in the middle of a fundraising campaign to renovate our locker room. For those of you who have been in there, you certainly understand the need for this. Our administration is driving the efforts behind this project and to date we have 2.55 million dollars raised. The project has a price tag of 2.7 million, so that leaves us with 150K to go.

This year on the day of giving, we are focusing solely on raising money for that. We have multiple large matching gifts that are in place, and my hope is that we can reach our 150K goal on February 22nd. The plan is for the project to be completed this year, and we are within reach of making that happen.

Please consider joining me this year by investing into this project. Thank you for your continued support. It is an honor to coach your sons’!

Here is a link with information on how to give:

Go Trojans!

Aaron Mingo

Head Football Coach


1846 Main Street Upland, IN 46989 Office: 765.998.5300

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