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Facing Flying Spears -- October 27

The next day a harmful spirit from God rushed upon Saul, and he raved within his house while David was playing the lyre, as he did day by day. Saul had his spear in his hand. And Saul hurled the spear, for he thought, “I will pin David to the wall.” But David evaded him twice. Saul was afraid of David because the Lord was with him but had departed from Saul.

1 Samuel 18:10-12

Facing a new day, one you know is going to present some real challenges, can be daunting. Sometimes it is even more challenging when you start the day thinking that everything is fine and it suddenly becomes a very difficult task just to get through it. That day can be especially frustrating when the shift in the day happens when you are doing something that you know is good and right.

David certainly had days like this (on a regular basis as a matter of fact). In 1 Samuel 18 King Saul has become insanely jealous of David. Why? Because David acted on behalf of Saul, saved the nation from Goliath, and received some recognition from the grateful people. Saul was grateful for the act, but jealous of the praise. (Tells you something about his priorities and he heart). The real crux of the matter, however, is that the presence of God had left Saul…...but was with David.

David did not do anything wrong. He acted on behalf of Saul and his nation. He came to assist Saul in settling the king’s spirit. His personal actions did not provide any cause for having his life threatened by the man he was serving. But, Saul was jealous of David because of Saul’s situation in comparison to what he saw in David. And David stuck with the task he believed to be right and did not run--(David evaded him twice).

It is frustrating from a worldly perspective to be attacked merely because the one attacking you is disturbed. We do not understand this. The reality, however, is that it is not uncommon for Christ-followers to be disliked by the world because they see God and His peace in their lives. Why does God allow such situations? Most likely, it is His way to show us the reality of the spiritual warfare in which we have a role. Just like David, you will face these challenges and dangers as you go forward in your life. AND, just like David you have the presence of God always. Consequently, you will know the ultimate victory in Jesus.

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