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FB & a Baby Shower!

In the spirit of "dessert first," we're going to talk about the Baby Shower... (see an additional post about our Opening Game coming soon!) Here's what I have on the Baby Shower by Mail we're having for Ashley.

"Greetings in JOY dear TUFB (sic) Moms! My name is Dee Kijanko, Mom to ALUM TUFB player Josh Kijanko, wife of former TUFB coach Tony Kijanko and friend of Ashley and Aaron Mingo. (It was also our privilege to connect Dakohta Sonnichsen #0 to Taylor University and to cheer for him as a wide receiver for the Trojans. Dakohta, a junior this year is from our area in Georgia and very dear to us.) After hearing the good news that Coach Mingo, Ashley and Gideon will welcome a baby girl to their family in early December, I thought it would be so nice to bless them by organizing a sweet baby girl shower for them! They haven’t welcomed a baby in over 7 years and have never had a baby girl. And then I thought, how fun would it be to do this with all the current player’s moms! As I pondered and prayed, I decided the easiest way to do this with all in consideration, is to share Ashley's baby registry link, allow everyone who would like to participate to shop at their leisure and convenience, then send their gift directly to Ashley and Coach’s home address, which is included in the registry. (A few may want to consider going together to purchase something a bit larger as a small group. If you’d like to give your own personal gift please bring it to the tailgate before the St. Francis game on September 23rd.) My husband and I have joined you in a few of your tailgates these past few years, and have been so impressed with the unity, bond and fellowship you share with one another. Just as God designed us to be the body of Christ for one another! We will always treasure our memories with our fellow parents when our son had the honor to wear the purple and gold. Ashley’s due date is December 9. Let's aim to have a gift sent to her by Friday, September 22, or bring with you to the tailgate on September 23rd. To protect their privacy, please text, call or email me for their baby registry link. I will immediately send to you. Imagine her surprise over and over as she receives gifts from those who are excited with them and so grateful for how they serve and minister to our players. Our family will be on campus that weekend for the St. Francis home game on September 23rd. I look forward to fellowship and hopefully meet many of you at that tailgate. Thank you so very much for your thoughtful participation. In love, gratitude and blessing for Coach Mingo and family, Dee Kijanko 770-633-6340 Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!"

So, there. Our 1st (to my knowledge) Baby Shower as a TUFF organization - but who knows? It may not be our last!

Look for future posts coming soon on:

1. the Opening Game this Saturday - we're hosting recruits! So it will be a big tailgate with a Sign up Genius!

2. Info/refresher on how to get your 4 free tickets to each home game!



Scott & Sonia Griswold

TUFF Volunteer Coordinators

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