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Homecoming: TU vs Madonna!

Wow! What a win for our boys! Defense set the stage by shutting out Concordia at the start of the game... in repeated and multiple fashions (takeaways, downs)! Everyone seemed to contribute and we scored just enough to stay ahead. What a step forward it is to defeat a good team like Concordia... it puts us in 3rd place in the conference! GUSHING with PRIDE for our boys! But as Coach Mingo said, the scoreboard doesn't define us! Our effort and attitude does. But I'll add that it sure is nice to win a few!

This week we have Madonna and its Homecoming! And we have over 50 recruits coming to our tailgate!

Game time is 1pm. We are tailgating but at a NEW spot. See the map here - we'll be on the

NORTH side of the stadium - so it may be more convenient to park on the north side of the KSAC building or wherever you can! There are two parking spots reserved just for us to drop off our food/gear nearest to our Tailgating area. (For you newbies, parking is a LOT different on Homecoming weekend.) Getting there early will help!

COACH MINGO is providing Chick-Fil-A for all the recruits and their families - and it will be delivered to our (Homecoming adjusted) tailgate spot. We are going to "accessorize" the meal by bringing in additional side dishes, desserts and some extra waters - see the Sign-Up Genius link below if you want to help. Remember if you bring something for the "Common Table" - (and even if you don't :'), then please eat something! We've been having sizeable leftovers! Its OK to come hungry! (Plus there are LOTS of food trucks that are available in the Odle Arena parking area - so you can patronize them either before or after the game if you wish!)

As for main dishes - bring enough for your family to eat and if you want to share, then great! We can all share the desserts and sides and anything that we bring for the common table certainly. I'll bring out the grill so if you want to cook a burger or brat or something - that will be available to you. Come enjoy a hot dog with me - I'll have a few on there!

Recruits eat at 11:40... The recruits themselves can go on the field at 12:15.

We will PRAY at NOON... if you weren't there for last week's prayer, well, you would remember it if you were... if ever prayer impacted a game, I believe it was last week... the whole experience was Holy Spiritish (if that's a word!).

Remember the main purpose of our tailgate isn't food - its to hang out and get to know each other! And on RECRUIT weekends, we add in the spice of letting their parents realize that Taylor is a special place, full of special people.

Be sure to keep on praying for Lacrosse player Conner Phillips' friends and family. What a difficult situation for all. God is good, even when it hurts.

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