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Calling all Taylor University Football Families!! Today's the day to make your way to Carpentersville, Illinois for the seasoner opener pitting your Taylor Trojans against an emotionally charged Judson University! This is Judson's first game in the Mid-States Conference and you can bet they're pulling out all the "hype"!

But we've got our own #TaylorTough... and it's called Taylor TUFF!! No one travels like we do - so let's bring the noise with our purple, our cow bells, our cheers, and our air horns!

Coach Mingo and the team are READY! Are you!? Here's a little help:

  • If you need location/direction info, check out our last post! Click here:

  • If you can't make the game, check out the the Judson Eagles website for the game schedule (it's also in the "Events" list) and find the "Live Video" link.

If you want to park near TUFF families and hang out before the game, look for the Taylor Flag in the parking lot! Bring a chair and some snacks and let's enjoy our community before the game!


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