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IWU visits Taylor! (Recruiting tailgate too!)

The Trojans, fresh off their BYE week face their local rival, Indiana Wesleyan this Saturday night. Kick-off is at 6pm.

Coach Mingo and the staff have invited a slew of recruits to join us as we watch our boys go at it versus the Wildcats.

So we're tailgating in the afternoon and hosting these recruits Taylor-style. The high temperature in Upland on Saturday (at press time) says it will be 54 degrees! So since it will be chilly - we're going with CHILI! If you can come early, please do and join in the party. Hit the button below to bring the needed fixins so that our Team of the Future will enjoy their meal and see that Taylor is the place to be!

The schedule for the day (and this is a rough estimation):

4pm We get set up for the party along the 1st base line of the Baseball Stadium

We all can eat just about any time along the way...

4:45ish The recruits and parents show up... please try to strike up at least one or two conversations and answer any questions they might have! That's our secret sauce at Taylor: we're friendly!

FYI: Round tables are there specifically for recruits (and for those of us who are talking with them...)


Then we head on into the stadium to watch warm-ups... we'll "Hohlbein Huddle" down front to welcome the team onto the field. Please note that air horns, cowbells and noisemakers are permitted at Taylor (just to make that clear...) Let's be LOUD!

And then we cheer our boys on against an IWU team that comes in ranked... Hopefully we can lower their ranking on the way out!

Hope to see you there!

FYI: We still need several more couples/families/individuals to help out with the Senior Banquet. If you want to donate toward that, here's our Paypal button:

Please be in prayer about TUFF leadership - we are still seeking a team to help lead TUFF for next year and beyond! We need communicators: both up front talkers, as well as phone people and writers; we also need financial leadership. TUFF will be best if run by a team and FOR the team!

Scott & Sonia Griswold

TUFF Coordinators

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