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Coaching Up: Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing!

TU's Defensive Backs Coach Solomon Grimes and his wife Kali are expecting their first child later this year. Recently, Tisha Bartu, a member of the TUFF Chaplaincy Team, had an opportunity to talk with Kali and learn more about this high-impact couple in the TU Football community.


Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Kali Grimes. She is the wife of Solomon Grimes. Coach Grimes is in his 4th year serving as an Assistant Coach working with the Defensive Backs. He also serves as the program's Recruiting Coordinator. Coach Grimes and Kali started dating when Kali was 16 years old when she was a freshman at Bloomington North High School. They were married in 2014 and are currently expecting their first child and she is due during the football season in September!

Kali has always like football. She grew up watching three older brothers play and was a cheerleader for Indiana University. Now a coach's wife, Kali is well-versed in the game of football!

The Grimes' like to have the players over once a week to their home for a home-cooked meal along with worship and prayer time. Both Coach Grimes and Kali want the players to know that they are welcome in their home and that they are always accessible to them.

If the players are struggling with anything Coach Grimes and Kali are there to encourage and pray for them. They really enjoy building these relationships with the players and getting to know them. The Grimes' regularly encourage the players to work hard, be determined, have goals, and to strive to be a good teammate.

"Make the main thing, the main thing!” is passionate advice the Grimes' share with the TU players.

Coach Grimes and Kali hope that the players will see that being successful is not based solely on how much they win at football but how well they grow into husbands and fathers one day. They have seen so many good young men go through the Taylor program and it encourages them as they prepare for the birth of their first child. They feel that the young men going through this program are different and it inspires them to raise their child with the same character traits they see lived out by the players they come in contact with.

Most importantly both Coach Grimes and Kali feel honored to a part of the program. They have enjoyed working under the direction of Coach Korfmacher along with all the other coaches. They have made many lasting friendships and look forward to working alongside them as they all continue to build up this team and the Taylor University community.

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