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Last TUFF Tailgate for 2022...

Sienna Heights rolls into town for our LAST Game of the Season. Of course, its Senior Day too and there is a Banquet for all the players along with the Senior parents/family AFTER the game.

But pregame is still ours to enjoy! Now, I pulled out that trusty little screen in my pocket and it says that its going to be 30 degrees at 10am and it will climb to the lower 40s by halftime... Now I don't know about you, but I played QB, and I'm more of a wimp in my elder years...

So we are looking at trying to go INSIDE for our tailgate time (from 10am-Noon)...

I haven't confirmed if we'll be able to do this just yet - (Heck, we just thought of it tonight)... but inside or outside there WILL be a TUFF Tailgate this Saturday! This will be the Riffels' last hurrah on tailgating, since Jared is a Senior!

We're not sending out a sign up genius, but we'll have some fun bringing the goods. (Let me know if you need/want the grill!)

Bring something good to share! We'll certainly warm each others' hearts as we gather one more time!

I will clarify INSIDE or OUTSIDE as soon as I can... if it's inside, then we'll have access to electricity and rumor has it, Sonia will bring chili!

If you want to let us know what you're bringing, feel free to text or email!

Scott & Sonia Griswold

TUFF Coordinators 937.974.0034

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