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Updated: Jul 19, 2018

"Let's Eat Fam!" is a phrase often used in sports to spur on teammates. It's also a phrase that brings hungry Trojans together! In fact, Summer workouts at Taylor have helped your Taylor Trojans build a team bond that's connected... at the "gut level". This Summer, the team has come together every Monday night for dinner at Coach Ragan's home (thank you Ragan family!). Every Tuesday, the team has had a cookout with TUFF, or dinner with the coaches. This week, Coach Korfmacher provided pizza for the team while they had Bible study at the Student Center. (Thanks Coach Korf!) Let's pray that the team that eats together for dinner, eats together on the field! Let's Eat Fam!!

Note: The Taylor Trojans in yellow shirts were all a part of an Indiana Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp held at Taylor University last week.

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