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Let's get connected...!

Susan Scott had this amazing idea... she wants to know you and your name upon sight! That would really help us connect as a TUFF family... soooo... while I have amassed a great database of everyone's contact information... (for the coaches primarily and for communication)... what it lacks is PICTURES...

So here we are... Scott, Sonia, Sarah Grace, Sam and Seth Griswold... But not all of you have the opportunity to post to our Tuff Connect website...

So Susan created a simple google document with some simple instructions... It's for the whole team and for everyone to simply add a picture and some identifying information... so on the way to our next game... you can simply go to this document and see/review everyone's names and pictures...

The only way it works is IF "everyone" adds their name and picture to that google document. So that's your "to do" for this post.

Here's the link to get to google document that Susan created for us all to share... the 2023-2024 Pictures: TAYLOR FOOTBALL FAMILY...

This is the FIRST of several blog posts this week... all of which will be important... some requiring your thoughts, prayers and action!

It was a difficult scoreboard on Saturday, but the growth in the team is ever-present!

See you at UD on Saturday (and here in print in a little while...)

Scott & Sonia Griswold

TUFF Coordinators

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