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Let's Get LOUD!

A reflection on how "LOUD"="Encouragement" for our players, by Barry Bolin.

Taylor Manager asks the crowd to "Get Loud" during the Trinity International football game.

You’ve seen this “non-verbal request” before haven’t you? Whether on an NFL, college, or high school field… football players know to wave their hands upward to encourage the crowd to GET LOUD! As a former player and long-time coach, I can tell you there’s nothing like the power of a LOUD “Twelfth Man”. The crowd in the stands is a lifeline to players that helps them know WE BELIEVE!

Since our young men were small, they’ve wanted to know “we believe” in them. Probably like you, it means the world to me to encourage my son in his faith, in his academics and on the field. Today, technology allows me to “text” or “Facetime” my encouragement. But Saturdays allow all of us to go “old school” – to blare our air horns, shake those shakers, and shout like crazy for our Taylor Trojans.

After a quiet bye week, let’s double-down on LOUD this Saturday and let our players know their Taylor University Football Families BELIEVE!

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