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Mysteries of Time--September 28

A man’s strength, power, and riches will one day fade away;

not even nations endure forever. Proverbs 27:24 (TPT)

The game of football exists in the context of time. The rate that the time passes is sometimes a result of the game situations. It’s amazing to me how long 1:30 on the clock in the fourth quarter can feel when you are ahead by 2 and on defense.

Time is a funny thing. It’s not an easy concept to understand. God exists outside of time, but He created time and uses it for some very specific purposes. Proverbs 27:24 has several references to time--one day, fade away (requires time), and endure forever. What does that have to do with our lives today (another time reference)?

The time references in this verse help us to recognize the difference between earthly things and eternal things. Even though you may know someone who possesses tremendous strength, that person will not always possess that strength--it will fade. That is a natural reality as we live inside of time. Earthly power and riches are the same way. They do not last forever. The second half of the verse references nations and their political structures. While it may seem in our lifetime that there are some consistencies, the fact of the matter is that what exists today is very different from what existed 50 years ago. Really, what exists today is very different from what existed on the day you were born. Not even the nations can state that they will last.

Your current circumstances are just that--current. They will change. They may change within 5 minutes of you closing this blog. Our lives are highly unpredictable. Within that context we need to recognize that the things that we experience inside of time are tools of Almighty God to shape us into people who are prepared for eternity. We also need to recognize that many of the things that we think are most important in our lives are not necessarily as weighty as they sometimes seem--they are temporary.

So what? Well, do you take the time to express to God your feelings about the present? Do you take the time to listen to His perspective on your present and your future? Ask Him to show you what things are most important and what things you can release. Trust God to work through His time-tool in your life!

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