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Playbook for Success

Mankind, He has told you what is good

and what it is the Lord requires of you:

to act justly,

to love faithfulness,

and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8

What do you need to be successful? Perhaps you haven’t given the topic a whole lot of thought. Certainly there are those around you who would have recommendations - work hard, don’t settle for less than you want, do good… The list could have endless possibilities. But what if God had something to say on the topic? Would it be worth a little bit of your time to pay attention to what He might want to say?

God does have something to say about what He considers success! It’s simple, really and comes down to just three requirements.

Act Justly

When we act justly we see people as God sees them. He has broken down every dividing wall that could serve as a barrier between people. Why do we insist on re-erecting them? The ground before the cross is level; God has no favorites. When you’re interacting with your teammates, classmates and those whom you meet on the street, remember that God loves them all with unlimitless love. To be successful in God’s eyes - do the same.

Love Faithfulness

The Hebrew word checed, translated faithfulness in this verse, also means kindness and goodness. To love faithfulness, then, means that we enthusiastically embrace what is good and right and kind every single time. It means that we forgive when we could demand justice or we go out of our way to be gracious to others. Remember that Jesus put others in the place of importance ahead of Himself when He gave Himself up for us. To be successful in God’s eyes - do the same.

Walk Humbly With Your God

When we see two people walk together it usually evokes feelings of peace and affection. That is precisely what walking humbly with God looks like! It’s filled with affection toward Him and peace with Him. It means letting Him lead as He knows the way best. When we walk with Him we get to experience Him with us. He is close; He is trustworthy. He is ready to help when we need it. Remember the Holy Spirit has been given to us to walk through the journey with us. To be successful in God’s eyes - let Him.

What does success look like in your life? Remember God’s encouragement to us:

  • Act justly.

  • Love faithfulness

  • Walk humbly with your God

There you have it. Now you’re ready to be successful.

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