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Prayers for the Wolfe Family

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Lisa Wolfe, shown here with Coach Wolfe and their three boys, is now recovering in the hospital after a tumor was removed from her brain this past Thursday (4/22/21).


The Taylor University Football Family, including our parents, friends, players and coaches, are asked to join together today and in the days to come, to pray for Lisa Wolfe and her family as she recovers from brain surgery. After weeks of confounding and increasing symptoms, doctors identified a tumor in her brain that was successfully removed this past week. Early signs indicate there may be other challenges ahead, but we know as a community of believers that we trust in a powerful, miraculous God who is anxious to receive our requests and supplications!

You can follow Lisa's journey via CaringBridge, where Coach Wolfe is posting updates as he is able. In a CaringBridge entry yesterday, Coach Wolfe wrote:

"We have both been so encouraged by the prayers and support of everyone over the past few days. Please keep praying with us, as we "run with perseverance the race marked out for us".

Thank you for your prayers, TUFF community! Amen!

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