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Here we go, Taylor Football Families! The Spirit Team & TUFF Fundraisers have teamed up to offer a special "Buy One Give One" promotion to benefit your player, the team, and the Taylor student body!

  • From today through 11:59 pm August 13th, you can purchase a Purple Reign GAME DAY T-Shirt for YOUR PLAYER that will be delivered "en mass" to Coach Korfmacher for distribution to the team before the IWU game. (You do NOT need to worry about pick up or delivery!)

  • Your purchase of a Game Day T-shirt helps TUFF fund a T-shirt to give away to a lucky member of the student body! (So, "Buy One Give One"!)

  • The idea is for players to wear the t-shirts on Friday, August 31st and bring attention to the next day's game vs. IWU. Also on Friday, August 31st, TUFF is partnering with Taylor University to offer a simple "Brats and Hots" event near Turner Stadium where TUFF will give away some hot dogs and at least 100+ Purple Reign T-Shirts and promote 150+ more to be given away at the Game Day Tailgate.

Contributions to TUFF are helping build up the Purple Reign T-Shirt giveaway program well into the season! Based on final giving, we hope to give away T-shirts prior to every Home Game and encourage student attendance/spirit. Thank you to all Taylor University Football Families for your amazing generosity!

So are you ready to order YOUR PLAYER's Purple Reign GAME DAY T-Shirt? Click on the image below and order away! And don't worry... beginning August 14th, Purple Reign T-Shirts, TUFF T-Shirts, and other TUFF Tailgate items will be available for purchase in a new Flash Store just for you!!

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