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Seeking and Finding--Trey Burton (September 8) Game #2

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

Trey Burton grew up in a Christian home, went to a Christian school, and knew what it meant to be a Christian. He even desired to learn about God. He states, “I wanted to know who God was, but I was not seeking after Him.”

It is pretty easy in life to do something, but not do it all out. Certainly, through your years playing football, you have seen that. You have probably lived that. Sometimes we think that having something means that we don’t need to put that much effort into it anymore. When you are first building a relationship, you often go all out with the investment of time, energy, and effort to make the connections that you desire. Once those connections are established, what happens if you let up and don’t continue to invest into the relationship because you already have it? More often than not, the relationship becomes less and people get hurt.

We are fortunate to have a God who loves us enough that He is always pursuing us. He puts Himself into the act of chasing us down with his love. He never lets up! Then there is our side of the relationship. None of us can say that we always seek God with all our heart. The problem with that is the reality that in letting up, we are hurting ourselves and depriving ourselves of the relationship that God desires with us.

When we let up, we naturally go down a path to find something else to satisfy our longings, since we are not allowing God to do that. We all have different paths. Some seek after adventure, some go to pornography, some go to food, some participate in destructive behaviors, some try to satisfy themselves with sex or masturbation, some try to find themselves in other relationships…..the list goes on and on.

Trey found himself doing some of these things. God in His infinite wisdom and love allowed Trey to experience the natural consequences of some of his actions….his girlfriend became pregnant. Totally unexpected and it rocked their world. But it didn’t send him into spiritual retreat. It had a different impact. He reflected on that time, “When He gave me a wake-up call, I sought after Him and discovered what it means to live life to the fullest in the joy of our God.”

Are you seeking after God more fervently than anything else? If not, why not? Where are you going to find that satisfaction. Ask God to come to you and show Himself as most satisfying. The amazing thing is that when you live there, you find your greatest joy in God and you enjoy all that He has given you even more!!

#Ao1 #EMAT #GoTrojans!!

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