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Senior Day THIS SATURDAY - St Francis at 1pm

With a deep sense of the surreal, we write of our son's LAST organized sports event... We have a daughter and two sons... we've been going to sports events since 1999.. he's the last one and this will be his last game... We know for most of you, there are none of these emotions, but perhaps pone day there will be for you as well (and sooner than you'll be ready for it, too!) So let's do it BIG, OK?!!!

FYI - Per the Coaching staff, the "Senior" Banquet is for players in their last year of football at Taylor. There are quite a few academic Seniors (who may or may not be participating in Graduation Ceremonies in May) who are choosing to return to play next Fall... so they are not being celebrated this year, but will be next year. This is Coach Mingo's way of doing things and it makes sense... of course it IS a bit confusing because, in reality, there are a LOT of Seniors who feel like Seniors, who are not necessarily being celebrated this Saturday, since they are returning. Let's face it, who doesn't want an extra year of football?! (Thanks Covid!)

Here's a brief overview of the day's schedule:

11:00 - 12:30 We have one last tailgate, and we have a small amount of recruits coming... We've chosen to do this one at Stillman Fieldhouse (more on that in a future post...) and with the nice weather let's do the soup theme - its pretty tasty and hopefully not too difficult to pull off!

12:15 Meet on the logo at Stillman for pre-game prayer!

12:35 Senior Parents meet with Coach Mingo and line up in the NE corner of the field (nearest to Stillman)

12:40 Seniors with their parents are announced and walk across the field in pre-game.

12:55 the "Hohlbein Huddle" takes place - everyone on their feet and get LOUD as we greet the team as they charge onto the field

1pm Kick-off and watch Taylor take it to St Francis!

4pm-ish Post-game on the field

4:30-5:45ish Volunteers will be getting the KSAC decorated for the Senior Banquet

6pm Senior Banquet in the KSAC

8:30/9ish Volunteers help clean up..

Its a long day for Seniors and for anyone who's helping to pull off the Banquet. Please verbally thank Susan Scott and her team for managing the Senior Banquet! She's done a really great job and we're sure it will be a great event.

As for our RECRUITING TAILGATE, please consider participating especially if you're NOT involved in Senior Day activities - because those folks are already doing quite a bit! The coaches added this Recruiting Tailgate just recently, but there are not a LOT of recruits, so it doesn't have to be our biggest... We've overshot the number of items needed - we're mostly feeding ourselves if we fill all the slots - which is just FINE! So please participate if you can and want to, but of course its always up to you! But remember the next great Taylor Trojan may be coming to hear about us, so let's welcome them all with open arms, a great attitude, as story about what Taylor means to us and of course, a full table!

Here's the sign up link for the tailgate!

We're excited to see you on Saturday!

More on the future of TUFF in a later blog post! The future is BRIGHT!

Scott & Sonia Griswold

Volunteer TUFF Coordinators

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