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Shh... it's a girl!

OK, its no secret that the Mingo's are having a baby girl... sometime in December we think... And I sent out the "invite" for any who want to send them a gift. (Remember that post from Dee about the "shower" that's Sept 23...?) Many of you have already done that and that's GREAT!

One item on there is a stroller and it is a bit pricey... so we thought that might make a real nice ("Get yourself somethin' real nassss, Clark; real naaaasss") gift from TUFF as an organization. It's a bit uncharted to use TUFF funds in this manner, but I'm pretty sure most of you would agree on this one... If you want to donate specifically toward the TUFF Stroller gift to the Mingo's... simply use the Paypal link below.

Please put Mingo Stroller/wagon in the memo on your gift.

Here's the stroller they've picked out:

She's registered under Amazon on the Family Baby Registry as Ashley Mingo if you want to give something else...

Blessed to be a blessing!

Scott & Sonia Griswold

TUFF Coordinators

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