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Yeah, FOOTBALL is BACK! Our 1st game of the season is THIS SATURDAY Aug 26... Kick-off at 6pm... I know you're excited!

We'll be tailgating as a TUFF group. And Coach is inviting about 30 recruits with their parents... so we're on deck to host them! Remember, the concept is "One Family, One Table..." That doesn't mean you can't bring your own pizza or grill or whatever you want and do it up right... but as a TUFF group we'll be setting up 4 lines of 3 tables each and we want to fill up this banquet table so that we can feed not only ourselves but our approximately 100 guests.

Since it will likely be HOT... I figured we might as well go easy on ourselves and go with COLD CUTS! Yep, its a sandwich bar. We have mayo packets, plates, napkins, etc. So please bring enough to feed your family and a bit more! The Sign Up Genius has about 60 slots... When you go in there, please take a look and try to balance things out... if one type item has a lot of people bringing it, and nobody on the other item... well... you get the idea - better a balanced diet (4-4-3-2 for all you older folks) than a whole lot of desserts and chips (though I will say both of those ARE important.:-)

Kick-off is 6pm. We'll gather along the 1st Base Line of the Baseball Field (our normal spot) about 4ish to set up and get the festivities going. Games are appropriate. We'll be able to start eating any time. My guess is that the 30 recruits (plus parents and sibs) will arrive about 4:45ish. We'll have tables and chairs for 100-120 but bring yours if you want something comfortable!

Sonia says PRAYER TIME is 45 min before the Kick-off - so that's about 5:15. ( our goal is to pray and leave plenty of time to get your seat and go watch warm time.)

TICKET INFORMATION - Coming soon (as soon as I get it). The Game Day Family Passes are usually 4 per player - and it goes on an app on our phones. Your son will get a CODE from the Athletic Dept. this week. More info to come!

Scott & Sonia Griswold


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