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Stillman Fieldhouse or 1B-line of the Baseball Field?

Our Pregame Party was at Stillman Fieldhouse last Saturday... And it went well... really well...

One thing to consider and I want your input on this... I was a bit skeptical of the Stillman Fieldhouse patio, because it is quite a ways from everything... especially parking and restrooms and the main entrance to Turner Field. HOWEVER, there were several people who liked the location so much that they viewed the site as a possible future home for ALL of TUFF tailgating...

Normally we've been on the 1st Base line of the Baseball Field... here's a shot with Barry Bolin (former TUFF organizer), etc.

The PROS of moving to Stillman:

1) TEAM Proximity... the boys come in and out at different times and its a whole lot easier for we parents to catch a "son sighting"!;

2) The brick work is nice...places to sit built in for those without chairs: its a nice setting;

3) large space and easy to set up tables and chairs for recruits;

4) less bees!

5) easy access electricity from the boys' locker room - never been easier to get the crock-pots going! (unless you forget to bring your electrical cords and power-strips!)

6) In response to #1 below, we're not as much a combined tailgating experience as we are a large potluck meal...

The CONS of moving to Stillman:

1) Tailgating implies that one can work out of the back of one's car... to unload tables, chairs, cooking stuff, etc. so proximity to one's car seems a bit more important than the Stillman Fieldhouse allows. ie. Long walk from our cars to the site

2) Long walk to Odle Fieldhouse for restroom facilities.

3) not as much grass for play for kids (but some...)

There must be other pros and cons...

So what do you think? Please email me or text me your thoughts: Scott Griswold 937.974.0034

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