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Summer 2019 Housing/Meals

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Returning players on campus this summer need to make arrangements for housing and meals. Below is some information coaches have shared with players to prepare for the summer.


  • Wengatz Hall is available for summer housing for Taylor football players. The cost is $100 per month. Returning Taylor football players who intend to live in Wengatz this summer need to let Coach Korfmacher or Coach Ragan know as soon as possible in order to secure a room.


  • Dining Commons Options: This Summer, the Dining Commons is offering a "Walk-In"summer meal program that allows you to "pay per meal" rather than purchase in bulk or use a swipe card. Daily meal rates are: Breakfast $3.50; Lunch $5.50; Dinner $6.50.

  • Cooking in Wengatz Kitchen Option: Players can use the Wengatz kitchen to cook meals/prepare snacks. The Wengatz kitchen has a refrigerator and can be used, but it is suggested players also have a personal refrigerator in their rooms.

At various times throughout the summer, TUFF members will also have the opportunity to sponsor a special team meal or cookout with the coaches/players! This is our way to encourage the team and support their hard work this summer. TUFF began this tradition last year and for family members who had the opportunity to be on campus for a team meal, it was a very special way to serve these amazing young men. If your family is interested in being a part of a summer cookout or meal with the team, please email Barry Bolin (TUFF Coordinator) at or with your interest.

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