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Taylor FB Friday Spring Party

This Friday, May 6th, Coach Mingo and the team are welcoming a whole bunch of recruits and also many of the incoming freshmen class AND their parents to campus for the last practice of the Spring. Coach is anticipating around 300 in attendance. Sound like a party? It is!

We're going to have a potluck/tailgate type party from 5-6pm in the KSAC nearest to Wheeler Practice Field (where the action will be). Coach Mingo/Taylor is providing the burgers, hot dogs, all the fixins' and condiments... and we as the TUFF team are set to bring the veggie sides, fruit sides and desserts! Please RSVP with what you're bringing to the new TUFF leaders: Scott & Sonia Griswold at so we will know what everyone's bringing.

Right after we eat, the team is going to have their last practice on Wheeler Field which will include a whole lot of scrimmaging (though we're going to stop short of calling it a "Spring Game"). Come see the boys in action for the last time until they gather again this Summer!

Most importantly, we are seeking our current parents to show up big, and be there to welcome the parents of our incoming class and the potential parents for our recruits. We know that the real difference at Taylor is the culture and we want to greet these folks with the warmth and love of Jesus, so that they can catch a glimpse of the character growth that is what makes Taylor Football so special! Let's PARTY!

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