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Taylor FB Launch Day 2023 ~ Aug 2

Are you ready for some football? Yeah, me too.

But before the glory of the games, the boys need to get back on campus, practice and get through camp...

It all starts at Launch Day... August 2nd is the first day of camp, move in day and a day of orientation for our new parents! Welcome to the the Taylor University Football Family!

That's ONE family, and its a big one!

Generally, on Launch Day, the boys are all asked to show up in the morning in the Boren Center lobby... parents help them move into their rooms the rest of the morning and then have lunch with their parents "on their own." Then they have meetings all afternoon with coaches.

Meanwhile, Mom and Dad (especially our new football parents, but you upperclassmen parents are always welcome...!) attend an orientation session with several different speakers across the spectrum (incl Campus Pastor Greg Dyson, and Head Coach Aaron Mingo et al.) covering info its nice to know about Taylor... that goes from 2-5...

5-6 is "free time" for parents to catch a tour of the campus.

6:30 we have a cook-out at the Boren Center, and coach introduces his coaching staff... then its "Adios" to the parents, and the players head off to more meetings!

In all, its a great day and a superb introduction to the culture of Taylor and Taylor Football.

Part of TUFF, part of being part of the family is participating when we all eat... I'm not talking communion here, but certainly there's a lot of Biblical merit to the fellowship! And let's face it, we're all parents of football players, so we know a thing or two about feeding the boys!

The dinner is hamburgers/hot dogs provided by TUFF... and then we go "potluck" for the rest of the meal. Here's a link to our Sign up Genius... which helps take a lot of the "luck" out of the potluck, so we can focus on the "pot" - which is needed when you're feeding a whole football team, their parents and families, coaches, etc.

Click on the button below to let us know what you're bringing! Thanks!

I've spoken to nearly every new family by phone... and I look forward to meeting you in person! I'm excited because this is gonna be a good day!

Scott & Sonia Griswold

TUFF Volunteer Coordinators

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