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Taylor FB Season Opener!

The Trojans open the 2022 Campaign on the road visiting Lawrence Tech on Saturday August 27. Kick-off is at 7pm.

DIRECTIONS: The stadium address is 21000 West 10 Mile Road, Southfield, Mich. At the corner of 10 Mile Road and Northwestern Highway Service Drive

TICKETS: Tickets are $20 for "Premium" seating - that is, the seats that have a back on them or $10 for General Admission. There is NOT a visiting side of the stadium, so I'm thinking that we will likely pick one side and congregate there. Sitting close to one another can be a powerful cheering section experience and can even impact a game at times!

Tickets can be ordered a the I think this is the direct website link: It is a bit of a trick (it's not really evident) to get to the "TICKETS & CAMPS" site, but you can get there (if I made it, you can! I could NOT get there on my phone, so use your computer). You can either print the purchased tickets or have them on your phone (QR code). (There's a $4-5 processing fee of course.)

Tickets are also available at the gate: CARD ONLY. (Don't know if they have a processing fee then... probably!)

TAILGATING: They have a couple lots: A & G for tailgating and it costs $10/car to park in these lots. You don't get anything other than the "right" to tailgate in there. There are shuttles from the parking to the stadium, but the tailgating ones are less than a mile walk. Parking in other lots is free. Rumor has it that there are some Taylor-ites who are definitely going to tailgate at this game! The lots open 3 hours before the game and tailgating must be completed by kick-off. There are quite a few restrictions on the use of alcohol in there (no kegs, eg.) so look those up if it pertains to you!

FYI: The team is staying at the Embassy Suites in Livonia on Saturday night and then having a team meeting the next morning (chapel service) before heading back to campus. Parents are welcome to stay at the same hotel as the team!

Yes it's an OLD picture... but you have to come out in person to see the new logo/helmets! We don't have any game day photos of those!

Grizzy & Sonia

TUFF Stuff

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