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Taylor vs. Concordia

It's Taylor vs. Concordia at home tomorrow, Saturday Oct 15... Kick-off is at 1pm

Yes, its been awhile for the TUFF team, but I believe that our boys are healthier coming off the BYE week and ready to do some business.

As for TAILGATING... we are going laissez-faire (for you French enthusiasts), or let Adam Smith's "invisible hand" guide us (for you Econ majors)... or you OT enthusiasts might put it: "and everyone did what was right in their own eyes..."; plain and simple: we'll just roll with whatever comes! Bring extras if you want, but there's no specific plan this week... See you at the tailgating site a few hours before kick-off! (FYI: No recruits this weekend...)

We'll strive to pray about Noon! and then get ready for some football! Hope to see you there!

NEXT WEEK (Oct 22)... is Homecoming for Taylor Alums (some of you are included...) Things to think about... if you are not an Alum and just want to tailgate and then attend the game, there's no need to "register" for Alumni Weekend. But you can...! From what I understand, your $18 registration gives you admittance to the football game (which you already have) and a discount at the food trucks (and maybe even admittance to the Friday night Volleyball game and maybe even the Sat night Soccer game.) And you can also try to get seats to the big Worship party. Seeing as we already have football tickets, and likely want to tailgate together, you may not need or want to register - but check it out and see if it's worth it for you - it may be!

NEXT WEEK, we have a large group of recruits and their parents coming to join us... Coach will be providing a Chick-Fil-A box lunch for all the recruits and their party - so there's NO PRESSURE on us to really feed them, but we'll put out a Sign up Genius for a few desserts and sides to supplement. Coach REALLY just wants them to have a place to meet, interact and mingle with current football parents... that is SO IMPORTANT TO EVERY RECRUITING WEEKEND... (Apparently we "sell" Taylor to the parents quite well, and as you know, we ARE a sort of "secret weapon" in that territory!)

NOW SINCE IT WILL BE HOMECOMING, the School will be taking over our normal tailgating spot for this one day - so we will have a new spot with somewhat limited parking (esp. for those not arriving early to the game). We'll be on the "grassy knoll" (I don't know if its a knoll or not, but it sounds good, esp. if you're not too up on 1960s American history) adjacent to the North end of the end zone - in between the Fieldhouse and Wheeler practice field. (I'll send out a map early next week). We'll have a couple parking spots set aside for those who are dropping off food/gear so that you won't have to travel too far with your fixin's to get to out tailgate area... but then we'll have to park at a bit of a distance - parking is all first come, first served... (I remember parking way out near the Softball field last year...) Hey, it's not ideal, but even TUFF is part of an even bigger family... one called Taylor!

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