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Taylor vs. Olivet Nazarene 7pm Kick-Off

Taylor looks to stay unbeaten at home as we play another 7pm Saturday Night contest vs Olivet Nazarene. Should be a good challenging game, so be ready to "bring it" in terms of cheering on our boys!


As for recruits - we've hosted twice now... and both times it has been REALLY SUCCESSFUL... so many positive comments from recruits' parents and our coaching staff! Way to go!

So... it's time for a break! No recruits this weekend, at least officially. But the tailgating festivities can continue... We are going to hang a bit more organically this weekend, since we only need to feed ourselves: no Sign-up Genius... just bring what you want. A true "potluck" per se. I will get out the gas grill and have that ready to cook whatever you'd like to bring! Variety is the spice of life! We can share side dishes and desserts at the "common table." (And we can share entrees too, if you want to bring extra... its all good!) TUFF will provide bring plates, napkins, forks, spoons, etc. I also have hamburger buns, chips and bread! (If you have a table you can bring, then that will help as I only have one!) I'm shooting to be there about 3pm, but I'm fairly certain that others may get there as early as 1pm... Come hungry and ready to party!

FYI: We do have a fair amount of coolers, Tupperware and utensils from last week - so look to claim yours back this Saturday!


Senior Banquet is the evening of our last home game: Nov 12. If you are an undergrad parent and you want to help us by serving that night, then make plans to stay after game ( 1:00 game) , and let Sonia or I know you can serve on the team! I'm leading "blind" as I've not been to one of these, but knowing Coach Mingo, he wants it to be special. We can use some funds in our account to make it all the more special. Not exactly sure how much money is needed, but I'd like to see Coach be able to put on a show. The earlier these funds come in, the better the planning can be - so if you can make a donation that would be fantastic! (Working on a Venmo option, but we can take checks to TUFF, or cash for sure any weekend.)


Speaking of money, we are right about even this year, in terms of money raised through "Tuffy" our little canister, and what we've spent - so that's good news! Plus we've purchased a gas grill for TUFF and team purposes that can be used year round.

On the horizon...

On Homecoming Weekend (October 22), the school claims our normal tailgating space. That will be our last weekend for recruits. We can still tailgate, but it has to be on the West parking lot, near the Wheeler (practice) field. So we're still hosting and need to meet and greet recruits and parents, but it will be different!

Thanks for serving your Trojans!! - Go TUFF Nation!

Scott & Sonia Griswold

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