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Taylor vs St Francis (IL)

Another Saturday, another big game for the Trojans! Game time is 1pm and its at home... a welcome relief to get back to the friendly confines of Turner Stadium.

There are no guests to host, so for this Saturday, we're going to go with the flow... tailgating is simply up to you... bring a little extra if you can, be willing to share or go totally solo! (The rumor mill has it that some of our tailgating leaders are ready to go!)

WAY TO GO! We have received just over the needed amount to purchase the stroller for the Mingo's! Thanks for being super-generous. We ordered it and I think it was delivered this past week! I'm sure that Ashley and Coach Mingo are thrilled to have this nice stroller. If you haven't already sent a gift and still want to, you can! And you can bring one Saturday if you want... any funds we receive that are over the amount needed, we'll order a gift card (or just buy a bunch of diapers!)

On Saturday, WE WILL GATHER TO PRAY at 12:15pm (45 min prior to kick-off) - so join us by the 1st base line of the baseball stadium if you can!

Remember we are one big family, so let's try to get to know someone new this Saturday - just one family if you can... it adds up, trust me... by the time Senior Year rolls around, you'll have gained some REALLY DEEP friendships that just may stand the test of time and extend beyond the Taylor Football experience! Plus you have a "gang" to sit with each Saturday, and folks to text through the week... all good stuff!

On the heels of this blog-post, I plan on sending another one that is fairly important pertaining to some really great things for the future! So be looking for that!

See you Saturday!

Scott & Sonia Griswold

TUFF Coordinators

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