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The First Four

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

One of the greatest predictors of in-season football success is the quality of commitment to the summer workout regimen and experience. As the 2019 season approaches, Taylor University Football players and coaches have committed to a high level of dedication to one another and to the program's success.

The first four weeks of summer training is May 20th - June 14th ("The First Four"). During this period, players will follow a 3-day per week workout routine designed by the Taylor coaching staff. Players who are at home (or away from campus) during this period must plan and prepare for the ability to follow the program regimen either on their own or with a group of TU players in their area. Returning players living on campus during this period will work together to schedule workouts around their work commitments.

Coach Ragan will provide all players with specific written workout expectations for this period. These workouts (whether implemented at home or on-campus) are coach-defined, but player led. They should be approached with intensity and precision in order to set each player up for success during the demanding second and third quarters of summer.

Parents and all members of the Taylor University Football Family are encouraged to pray each day for the health and well-being of all our TU football players! Please pray for each player during the First Four that they may be fully committed and dedicated to the work and to each other!

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