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TICKETS - in case you had trouble with the first one...

My phone made me jump through a bunch of hoops, but Sonia's worked just fine... so in case you have MY technical ability... here's one with the letters from the AD implanted in the blog! IF I can, I'm going to delete the other one... we'll see... (So maybe you'll only be able to see this one...?!) Techno-babble wins the day!

OK, so you NEED the email from your SON... the whole system depends upon you getting the passcode from your son! Good luck!

As for the food sign-ups - Sonia tells me that we have a lot of things covered... if you're coming and want to bring food - please, you are welcome to bring whatever you want (certainly enough to feed your gang)! Instead, you can always make a donation via Paypal, but more food sounds like more fun!

See you Saturday! Only a few more days to wait!

Scott & Sonia Griswold


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