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TU FB Launch Day... T-15days

OK, TU Football is 15 days away! (Pretend like the above photo is a sunrise instead of a sunset...!)

I'm writing this blog primarily to all the upperclassmen's parents.

You know the drill... this year its Weds Aug 2... Drop off your son, get him moved into his room. And if you can, stick around for the dinner/cook-out at the Boren Center from 6:15-7:30. Maybe you remember the afternoon you spent in the Chapel listening to various speakers and wondering how this thing was going to work out for YOUR son, back when he was a freshman...

Its going to be a fun day. To maximize it, TUFF needs some of you to step up and serve!

Unfortunately, Sonia's Mom - who's staying with us this Summer - is having hip replacement surgery that day... so I'm flying solo! (Remember last year's "disaster?" - not having the burgers cooked in time???) Anyway, I'm determined to get it right this year!

Here are the various volunteer positions I could use to pull this thing off:

3-4 food preparation people incl. a grill-meister or two and 3 folks to help set up the food lines/receive the things brought in, etc.

1-2 guys on water - striving to get it as cold as we can prior to dinner

2-3 guys to help lead a panel for the new Dads (30 min of Q&A with just the Dads from 4:30-5pm)

3-4 Tour guides... (from 5-6pm) show the new parents the campus - however you want to do that - esp. the new weight room, athletic facilities, etc.

I totally realize that not all parents come each year to drop off your son... quite often they become more and more independent, but we do need a few veteran parents to step up... if you can... to make this day as great as it can be for our new generation of parents. There are a LOT of them. (Biggest incoming freshmen class of the Mingo era, I believe!)

IF YOU CAN SERVE, please call or text me at 937.974.0034 or email to

If you plan on attending, here's the Sign up Genius button to get to the food sign ups. My best guess is that we're shooting to feed about 300 people:

Of course if you can't come and want to donate to the cause, you can always do that via PayPal (thanks Rob Breckel for getting this set up!) You can give to @TUFootballFamily if you'd like. (TUFF is providing the meat for the event.)

Hope to see you on Aug 2!

Scott & Sonia Griswold

Volunteer Coordinators for TUFF

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