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TU vs Marian 1pm

As a former football coach, and from a family of football coaches... there is rarely a better moment in the game than when an offensive lineman scores a touchdown! We were joking pregame with one of the coaches, "When we are predictably unpredictable we are pretty good..." and he promised us that they had some tricks up their sleeve! He came through bigtime! And Clay Adams (#69) lived the dream, catching that pitch and finding the end zone!

Wow! What a game... a great win! it was great to see the boys' smiles! And it was great to take a week off from all the learning that God generates through losing... I think we'd had enough of that to last us a while... not to make light: I DO genuinely believe that as people, we learn more and grow more from losing/suffering/not getting our way, etc. but a steady diet of that is not fun for sure!

And THANKS for coming through as TUFF... we entertained a LOT of recruits... hopefully a few will land here and cause TU Football to continue in its greatness! It was a pretty good pre-game this week... We were frankly a little nervous about the food, but Sonia sent out that "call to arms" on Friday night and the response was just perfect! Thanks!

This weekend is an early game... I've toyed with a lot of options but decided to let the "grass roots" thing work its magic. We have no recruits to host. Certainly there will be some tailgating as some like to do that! But its not going to be organized... per se... no sign-up genius, no tables and chairs to set up - so feel free to bring your own and if you want, bring a little extra to share - in case some want to sample each others' fare...

The reasons for this: 1) its an early game, so we're talking about 11am-ish tailgating... that's pretty early for the long-trip out of towners; 2) we just had a pretty majorly organized one, so I don't want to "burden" the group as a whole too terribly; 3) I'd have to make up a third reason, OK, maybe I'm just lazy...

Senior Banquet is on its way... if you want to contribute, then fancy that! It will be a great send-off for our Seniors!

Marian will be a tough foe for Saturday! Looking forward to seeing you all!

Scott & Sonia Griswold

TUFF Volunteer Coordinators

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