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This week, Michelle Huse, one of TUFF’s Spirit Team leaders, lays down the gauntlet and challenges TUFF Nation to a Shaker Contest! That’s right! Any and every Taylor fan is encouraged to make their own shaker (noise maker!) and bring it to the game so you can be “loud and proud”… and maybe even win a prize!

Prizes will be awarded for:

· The Best Decorated Shaker

· The BIGGEST Shaker

· The LOUDEST Shaker

What’s YOUR strategy? Loose change in a plastic milk jug? Small rocks in a tin can? Or are you one of those “go big or go home” fans who will “borrow” an empty jug from the office water station and load up with plastic marbles and a giant TU Football logo to boot??

It’s gonna be crazy! It’s gonna be LOUD! It will most definitely be FUN! Don’t delay! Rally the family and get your plan in motion! Shake like you mean it, TUFF Nation!


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