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TUFF Get to know your team...

Ahhh the serenity of knowing others and especially of being known...

Susan & Bryan Scott - parents of Bryson (a Junior Linebackeer) had this GREAT idea of creating a document where we could all post our picture and BASIC info about our family... so that you can look at it on the ride to the game and Shazam! we all start to know and recognize each other a little better.

Seriously this is the best idea that TUFF has seen in a long while! So all YOU have to do is click on the button below (and I HOPE it works) and go to that page and it has instructions at the top, then you can insert you and your son's name/info and picture ... hopefully pretty simple! (accent on hopefully!)

Let me know if you cannot access it! And if you can, put your info in soon!

Grizzy & Sonia


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