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TUFF Tailgate... OUTSIDE this Saturday

OK, so the KSAC is completely booked this Saturday... so we are TAILGATING at our normal spot along the First Base line. I will run an extension cord across - so we'll have some limited electricity to keep some crockpots warm. Did I hear someone say "Chili?"

I am also going to award a $5 cash prize to the tailgater with the most amazing "here's how I'm keeping warm" outfit/contraption etc. Could be a blanket, a coat, scarf - whatever you use - the more outlandish the better! I'll be bringing hand warmers and wearing the long underwear! (N.B. undergarments will NOT be permissible entrants for the contest unless they are worn on the outside...)

See you at 10am for some tailgating fun prior to our last Football game of the season... and for our Seniors (sniff...) likely their last Football game of their careers!

If you've not given to support TUFF for our end of year things, you still can! (Paypal button below, or bring cash/check on Saturday)

Go Trojans!

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So we aren't having recruits right? I do plan to bring chili so we will have extra.

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