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TUFF Tailgate with Recruits this Saturday!

Saturday, Sept 17 - we're playing Trinity International! Kick-off is at 7pm

Once again we are privileged to be asked by Coach Mingo and his staff to host 45 recruits and their families to our tailgate! Are we up for it? I say YES!

Here's what that means: if you are coming to the game, please plan to come early and hang out along the First Base line of the baseball field: our traditional tailgating spot. We need you to bring enough food for your family AND for the approx. 135 guests that we have coming. Remember it's one big table - from which we all get to share!

The MENU: Deli Sandwich Bar!

For this party, I'm 100% relying on the TUFF team to bring it all! We did REALLY GREAT LAST TIME... but this time, the main entre is also a joint effort. (Not cooking burgers this time around... instead we'll all make and eat a nice deli sandwich!)

Some of us will be there about 3pm-ish. Come when you like! I don't have the specific timing of it all yet, but I'm guessing that the recruits' parents will be arriving to eat about 5:40, with the recruits shortly thereafter. Be sure to be there for the prayer time, before we head over to Turner Stadium. Weather looks warm, but good for the day!

Here's the link to the Sign Up Genius - so that we can know who's bringing what! Thanks for being generous! But most importantly, thanks for showing up to meet and greet the parents and recruits. Their impressions of Taylor are on the line! So let's welcome them whole-heartedly!

I know it's a lot to ask... but the results are so gratifying, when you think about the experience our boys are gaining as members of this team!

Scott & Sonia Griswold

TUFF Coordinators

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