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We Have a Winner! Taylor Players & Cheerleaders Select GAME DAY T-Shirt Design

For the 2018 Season, Taylor University Football Families (TUFF) is bringing back a Taylor student body fan-favorite: The GAME DAY T-Shirt! The players and cheerleaders love the sense of unity and spirit the t-shirts provide and TUFF is excited to underwrite that cause!

Early brainstorming of t-shirt concepts was provided by the Taylor University Football Cheerleaders and a graphic designer developed those ideas into t-shirt art. Andy and Michelle Huse, TUFF Spirit Team leaders, took these three “winning concepts” to the Taylor football team on the second day of The Final Five:

Which one was HANDS DOWN the favorite of your Taylor Trojans?

You guessed it. “PURPLE REIGN”! Thankfully, the cheerleaders favored “PURPLE REIGN” as well, making this a controversy-free selection!

Your 2018 contributions to TUFF are helping to bring back the GAME DAY t-shirt! Based on our funding level, TUFF anticipates ordering 250 t-shirts to give away the night before the IWU vs. Taylor game. As more contributions come in, we’ll order 250 more for the first home game against Butler.

Thank you Taylor University Football Families for making this happen! PURPLE will be “reigning down” in the stands and on the gridiron this season!!

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